Remember! Unforgiven Organizer is SISTERWARE: who uses it has a moral obligation to introduce his sister!

Ok, I want to free my soul from moral obligation!

261 "It's hard to say; she got married".
260 "I'm the only sister of my brothers. So, what can I do? Cry you a river?".
259 "I've been kind to you by not introducing you to my sister. No-one deserves that kind of shock <grin> ".
258 "It is food for thought that I got the first version of UO from you by mailing you a picture of a very rebellious four year old kid, my grandchild Freja. She has now turned 18 and recently came back from Australia after being an exchange student. Still being rebellious, but no less charming than her 4 years old double. - 14 years years gone by, and Grandfather still has not learned to use the full potentialities of UO. I'm 74 now, so it is about time that I learn to master your smart program".
257 "I have a sister who can sing Nel cor più non mi sento quite beautifully, and she's single. She's an excellent cook and makes beautiful jewelry. I will totally introduce you. Anyway, thanks so much for keeping this project up over the years. It is still, by far, the best organizer in the multiverse".
256 "Program is fantastic. I do not have sister, but I will made one for you! Lucky bastard! :)".
255 "I'm brazilian and I would like to congratulate you for the program. My sister is married, then is not possible to introduce her to you. P.S.: YOU ARE HANDSOME MAN !!! UAU!!! Kisses".
Valdirene Natalia
254 "I have 3 sisters but all married and they are very fat and ugly, I'm sorry!!".
Marco Antonio Couri
253 "I have a lovely sister".
Kim Taylor
252 "I really like your program, however, my two sisters are unavailable. One is married (and she's a bitch anyways), and the other is too young. Sorry!".
Alys Oriano
251 "Many thanks about the software! I don't have an available sis. But what do you think about a 43 years old single, alone".
Damaris Silveira
250 "Thank you for the wonderful software. Sorry but my sister is happily married. As is my oldest daughter (the others are too young!)".
249 "You don't wanna know/meet my sister - she's so big that I was not able to rent a helicopter in order to send you an "overview photo". At the moment, I think that she is in Italy but her location will remain secret - even she'll accept an invitation you'll invite her for dinner then all your saving will be lost unless Bill Gates will make a generous donation which i dont think that will happen".
Traian Rus
248 "Here is my sisters picture, please enjoy".
John Dolan
247 "As for my sisters (4 of them)... all married with kids... sorry".
 Teryl - Australia
246 "Very good software. You'll be glad to know it's listed on Baixaki brazilian download software, what means you'll get lots of brazilian sis, and the brazilian girls are the most beautiful girs in the world! Sorry, this time i wont send my sister's photo, maybe next time... she's just 15, i think you have to wait 6 more years, it's not so much time...".
Guilherme Ferreira
245 "I don't have a sister, but I am a sister. Does that count? Still can't find a way to add my sexy pink thong as an email attachment.... but I figure that if I get really organized I'll save some money and be able to afford the postage. Great software & thanks for making me smile :)".
244 "I hope the program has gotten you the dates you so justly deserve!".
243 "If you were my age I would keep you all to myself! Thanks for a great application. I am going to stop using Outlook and using yours. Thanks!".
242 "I'm from Brazil and have instaled your software. It will be very usefull in my job. My sister is older than you and married, but I have a daughtr, 19 years old. If you are interested".
241 "Sorry, but I don't have a sister. I have a roommate that's female, but she's a bit of a shrew".
240 "Hey man, You don't want to meet my sister, trust me. So I'll just introduce you to me. *bows* Willie Hewes, loony Dutch girl, comic artist and web enthusiast".
Willie Hewes
239 "My only sister passed on 15 years ago, I would love to introduce you to her if only I could!".
238 "I don't have a sister, but tag my mother".
Tonny Reimann
237 "You want my sister? You can have her (at least for awhile!!) she is 19 and is already giving me grey hairs!!!!".
Jessica Mott
236 "As specified in the sisterware agreement, here is an introduction to my sister. (Sorry, haven't got a digital photo here...). My sister is single, attractive, and an opera singer. (Quite good, but not quite famous... yet.) She lives in the USA, but has a passport and likes to travel. :> I have bcc'ed her on this message (hi sis!) so she has the email address and can follow up! If she starts using Unforgiven Organizer, we're in trouble, as I've just
got the one sister. Hmmm".
Tom Surace
235 "Don't have a sister, Sorry. Love Unforgiven. Love your sense of humor too".
234 "I don't have a sister... but I'm cute".
Lisa Miller
233 "It's too bad you didn't create daughterware. My sisters are both married and over 60 years old. However, my three daughters, aged 21, 19 and 15 think that you are cute".
232 "Well I am sorry, my sister passed away in 1986. I have a 14 year old daughter and she is off limits until she gets married! Thank you, for such a cute program! Best wishes in all your endeavors!".
231 "You are so original that you get pictures of me and my three best friends! Thanks for making your groovy work available to all!".
Dana Sweeney
230 "You would not want me to introduce you to any one of my sisters, They all have this dreaded female illness know as PHH Syndrome AKA Princess High Hormone Syndrome. So I want to spare you of this so that you may go on and make more neat stuff like Unforgiven Organizer. Unforfiven is a very nice program, thank you! I am a Senior citizen on a fixed income, and can't afford to buy programs like this, but thanks to people like you I and others can have the top of the line programs like Unforgiven".
Michael "The Otter" Craven
229 "I liked the program a lot, use frequently. But unhappily I don't have sister. Who knows in the next incarnation".
Helio Yamamura
228 "I'am sorry Carmelo Faraci, my syster is very complex. Thank you for your software and humour".
Marcelo Madden - Barcelona
227 "I have no sisters, no brothers but you can have me!".
Jocelyn Cote
226 "They are both too old for a handsome young man like you but I could introduce you to my cat's sister, she is only 5 and a good mouser!".
225 "Unfortunately, I don't have a sister, seeing as how I'm an only child... make that a lonely child. However, I've got plenty of friends! I could possibly hook you up with one... guy or girl? Could also have one of the guys dress up as a girl if you'd like".
224 "She wants a picture of you either : naked, or with your shirt off ".
Mairhtin O'Feannag
223 "Here, in Romania, all my friends were very amused by this "concept" i.e. SISTERWARE".
Traian Rus
222 "Don't have one. I am an only child. I am a female though and you sure are cute!!!".
221 "I have the most beautiful sister in the world, but i`m afraid she already married... I promisse i`ll let you know if she get divorced one day.. :o)) Will you let me use the program?? Please...".
Hilde Schrøder
220 "I'm seventy years old and the youngest child of my parents, so even if I had a sister (I don't), that fact would be irrelevant to you, I think. I'm willing to introduce you to Halle Berry or Jennifer Lopez, however, except that I don't know either of those ladies.
So without a sister or replacement, I guess I can't legitimately use the product".
Conrad Geller
219 "I have only two sisters. They are older than me but still they are so funny'n'crazy".
218 "Thank you for a super program, I hope to have your permission to use it and enjoy the good things it brings to my day, in return I spare you the experience of my nasty sister who gives nothing but takes all".
217 "I just downloaded and started to use your software. I don´t have any sisters, lots of friends, though, who are like sisters to me. Some are married, however, and I don´t think you´d want to fight their husbands for them. I will certainly let them know about your software, however!".
216 "Sorry, no sisters, tried to send you photo of my gorgeous blonde wife but she said all photo's had to be paid for".
Paul Young
215 "I absolutely love the work you have done... I searched for the best day-planner I could find, and I found yours. I have two beautiful sisters and they are, as far as we are concerned, ALL YOURS. Teach them to love their brothers and to appreciate good talented people like yourself".
Shane - Canada
214 "I downloaded your program for my daughter (you can't have her). But, I do have a sister, recently divorced, who wouldn't mind meeting you. She she works for a TV network in SoCal in the US. (Yes, she's a Californian who voted for John Kerry... sheesh! Lighten up, Europe!). She might be a little old for you, but, you know what they say: age and treachery will overcome youth and inexperience every time! She adores Paris. Maybe you can convince her that Sicily is better...".
Cory D. Burt
213 "You can have her. She is 36yrs old but looks like late 20's. But, she is a bitch with a capital B. She is single and has a good job".
Mary Creed
212 "My sister she is 57 and lives in UK. She big girl but heap frisky. You have health insurance and air fair I go talk to her. You cheeky man".
211 "Yes, Carmelo, I am a sister: The Black/African-American variety, that is. I am filled with love, ardour and passion for your organizer. Sometimes size can be deceptive. This is the little train that COULD".
Gail Whittaker
210 "I have a sister... well, kind of. See, she/he was a man before... so he/she was my brother. Now he is a she, so she is my sister. Anyway, he/she would like to meet you".
Jossean Santiago
209 "Thank you for nice programm! It is really good! Unfortunatelly I have no sister and my daughter ir just 13! I'd like to hope that at such circumstances I still could hope for your
permition to use this programm Could I? ;) Be lucky!".
Imants - Latvia
208 "Hi Carmelo, I'am sorry I have no sister, what I have to do now?".
207 "Thanks for a great Organizer! I found it, by chance on the Internet about a week or so ago, and have used it everyday with no problems at all! I've also introduced it to some of my friends. Regarding my sister; I'm afraid she's married, and also passed 60, so I don't think she's anything for you! Keep up the good work! (And good luck with someone elses sister!) Best Regards from Norway!".
Georg S. Gundersen
206 "Carmelo: Aca en Argentina tenemos sister molto bonitas!".
Rubén (no tengo hermana)
205 "Unforgiven Organizer makes me laugh. You are a funny man. I do not have a sister. I wish I did. I would like to give a pretty one to you for all your good work!".
MAS, Chicago, Illinois, USA
204 "Hi there, I got an e-mail from my brother; he said to me he had a moral obligation to introduce me -as his sister- to you :) Well that's that,now I don't have a moral obligation to my brother anymore... good luck with the other sisters around the world!".
203 "Well... I was in need of an organizer, and a friend of mine introduced me to your software... I guess I'm my own sister, so I could always introduce myself. But you don't want to know me! ;) Thanks for helping me organizing myself! Keep up the good work!".
202 "You don't want to know my sister she is to old for you. I sure like your program".
Liz, Canada
201 "Nice try! What about if both my sister's are married? Good luck in finding someone's sister".
Joan Gallagher
200 "Just to thank you for your organizer... it helps a lot... but sorry, i don't have no sister... but I'm trying to adopt one".
Nicolas (south west of France)
199 "I realy like your software and if i had i sister, i would have introduced her to you. Unfortunatly i don't have a sister so there is nothing i can introduce to you. Maybe it would be i nice idea to show your sofware to some girls i know and maybe the would like te get introduced to you!, I can try... I Hope you would still allow me to use your software, I realy like it".
198 "My one sister is married, but the other is single, fit, and 51. Your call. Thanks again for a GREAT program for FREE!".
G. Taylor
197 "Sadly, my only sister died a few months before I was born, so neither of us can know her".
Norman Thomas - Watford
196 "I've got a real nice suster but she is exspensive. I opened her tunk the other day, she bought Don Henleys JAguar from him and the tunk was full of Guchi, VEon all this stuff, she must have had $59, 000 worth of shit in there. I asked m dad what the hell is this she still lives at home) and he said hey, you know your mom, spending money on the baby. She's twenty Eight and Foxy. What are you trading?".
195 "Unfortunately I have no sister! But do not have anything against me for that reason!".
194 "I'm sorry, I don't have a sister & I'm married. I do have a daughter and I will tell her about you though. I just downloaded your program & I'm trying it out".
193 "By the way, you don’t want to see my sister. Trust me. When we were kids, she was the cute one and I was the smart one, but now she has 3 kids and a husband – I think that I am now cuter and smarter. (don’t tell her I said that though) I will see if I have a cousin who is worth sending a picture…".
Jody (in Oregon, US)
192 "Too bad I don't have a sister... but I can send you a picture of an ex-girlfriend naked if you want".
Fernando R.
191 "My Sister said she would be more than happy to meet you, so She and her THREE sons will be on the next plane to meet you. Enjoy and have fun".
XTCinWA - Perth Western Australia
190 "Hi! I have your program and I like its a lot off. I love Italia, Italian language, italian boys. I've been in italy 2. Last year, and this year. Next year i am going to Italy too. By, By, and a lot off kisses for you".
Olka from Poland
189 "I'm still looking for a sister... they seem hard to get these days".
Caius *:o)
188 "I don't have a sister but I love your program, plus, you look cute in that picture so if I wasn't married I'd introduce myself :-))".
187 "I m sorry 2 say I don't have any sister or brothers I m single son to my parents, I have already 83 friends. I will show your organizer to all my friends".
Murli K.
186 "Actually I have two sisters, but both of them are married. But I'm a 20-year old girl without a boyfriend, maybe you won't need my sisters ;)".
185 "Anyway thank you for your Organizer (sorry, i don't have a sister. Only ex-wife)".
184 "Hey, what do you want me to say??? I am an only child, you know, hasn't my mom suffered enough as it is? Nevertheless I did like the organiser enough to give it to my sister (that I don't have, I know, but if I did, I would). Thanks for developing it for us, women without sisters, who will from this day forward consider you their favourite female sibling, so ... run! Run like you never have before (run like without a rampaging mob of wannabe sisters in pursuit no human being ever should, could or would)".
183 "Sorry I dont have a sister, but I sure do like the "Unforgiven Organizer".
John Dossey
182 "My Sister! Man you must be joking!
She's old & wrinkly
Short & Stinky
Don't know much
About PC's and such
So you don't want her man
Tied up in a van
And delivered direct to your door!".

181 "I'm sorry, I have no sisters and I'm almost 50, so I cannot introduce you to anybody :-)".
180 "Unfortunately, both of my sisters are married and have kids... but my boss have got really nice sister that I would like to introduce to you".
OG Triple OG :)
179 "My sister could be your mother, so I don't think you want her. I've three daughters, but you didn't ask for them, so...".
178 "The world needs more programmers like you. Less fighting and more loving! That's the way to go. Thnx for the joy I get with your proggie. Enjoy! The Bullgoose... from southern California, Home of the waves and the babes!".
177 "Tried to send you my sister but couldn't get her husband to agree... sorry".
Greg Gorst
176 "Great work your unforgiven organizer! My 20 year old sister told me yeasterday, that she met three Italians who wanted to dance with her in a club (in Bremen, northern germany) but her friend said "be careful with Italians..." - what do you think?".
Kai from Kiel
175 "I love your organizer! I have a brother, but he's kinda fat (although he did lose a lot of weight lately) so he does have some feminine forms, and his name is also used for girls in my country. I also have a stepsister, who's mean and has really ugly bushy black hair all over, and a stepbrother, but he's a drug addict. You can have any of them. Just mail me. Lenale, who's a female 18yo long-legged blonde that won't introduce any of her siblings to your organizer, for security reasons".
Lokje It
174 "I'm interested on using your very good program, but I've no sister. Can I use it?".
173 "Hello unforgivenorganizer, Just downloaded your great organizer. I have six sisters and you have to take them all or none. (Shouldn't do it in your place!!!) ".
Geert Demuynck
172 "Dude this program is awesome!!! It is so what i was looking for and I like the interface. Oh and My sister is married. Sorry budday!!!! She is a hottie too!!!".
171 "Sadly I have no sister to introduce you to. This is especially unfortunate since you have proved your worthiness to date my relatives by writing a kick-ass piece of software. If you'd rather, I can introduce you to one of my brothers - heh, heh. Thanks for writing 'Unforgiven'. It sure has made my live easier".
Philip J. Binkowski
170 "Hey! Have I got a sister for you! Where do you want me to send her? Freight collect? Or, do you just want her address and telephone number and you make your own arrangements? She's single, business owner and financially secure. Just let me know.
Dave (The Bro ;-)
PS: Got the sw but have not used it yet.
PPS: I'm single and looking for a nice Italian wife. My last one was also Italian, but not too nice!"
169 "First of all you would not want my sister".
168 "I don't have a sister, I like the program... so here is a sister drawing for you".
Tanja Dorosh
167 "As to my sisters, they are old enough to be your Nana so forget about them".
Chi-Town Dale
166 "I only have a sister who is 30 this year".
165 "Werd man! I just downloaded your organizer and I love it. I can say for certain that I wouldn't have given it a chance unless it was Freeware. And about my sister she's married and has 2 kids, but if you're still interested I can find out where in the States she's living now. Anyway, great product!".
Adam Williams
164 "I have one sister who is married (for 30 years now) and has 6 children and so far 3 grandchildren. She is also a devout Christian. I'd wish you luck with it, but I doubt very much that you'll get a response there. Anyway, I am still looking forward to using your software".
163 "Got your organizer today and it looks really good and funny. Fraid I don't have any sisters, would an introductiion to my grandmother do instead?".
162 "I have one problem; I am an only child and a male myself. I do not even have a cousin that I could introduce you too. I do hope this does not exclude me from being able to use the program. If it does, that is okay. Everyone who creates software has the choice of who can use it. Regardless, I wish you well!".
161 "I'd send my sister over, but she is so damn busy with those Playboy photo shoots, I can never   get a hold of her".
Daniel P. Charette
160 "Umh, ahhh, I have a sister for you - but she's really mean and kind 'a old. She has long hairy legs with real thick, black hair - kind of like Tarantula hairs. She's never nice, she never laughs, and she tries to use people quite badly whenever she can. Haven't been in touch with her for years because of her mean and nasty behavior - but you're welcome to have her, if you like. She's somewhere in Germany, and I'd have to try and find her just for you! Who knows, maybe you could *LEARN* to love her after a few months, or years, or decades . . . . ??? ;^D".
159 "I wish to free my soul of this moral obligation you speak of here. I no speak real good but understand you want me sister to please all your greassy needs, to cook for you and clean you pots and pans after she burns de shit out of you dinner, to pick up all you nasty closes you leave hanging around. You want for her to make you a happy man, to mend your socks and wash the shit stains out your panties. I have told her to see to your every wish and that she will be with you all the days of her life. I say good-bye and tell her to start walking now, she is there soon. I send her photo so you know who she is when she arrive. Thank you thank you With the whole families love Here she comes".
Matrix Paul Abel
158 "... you really wouldn't want her. But since I don't either, I'll suggest a holiday over there!".
157 "I am a 38 year old recently singled parent with 2 lovely children looking at finding something to stay organized in a buzy life".
PJ Gingras
156 "Sorry for the lack of sisters".
Håkan i Kiruna
155 "I wish I could provide one but since I am the only child I have no sisters... I will try to find some substitutes for you though :-) Thanks for a great piece of software!!".
Henry Heiberg Andersen
154 "My sister is married and has 3 beautifull childrens ... I'm sorry!".
Nolf Vincent
153 "Great program Camelo :) If you move to Canada, let me know. I don't have a sister but I have lots of single female friends :) (does that count)??? Your program makes the rest look horrible!".
152 "Saludos Amigo, Mi hermana dice que eres bonito y que le gustaria contactarse contigo, asi que escribeme y te envio su e-mail. ha y gracia spor el programa esta excelente".
Edwin Cifuentes
151 "Hi, i'm using your agenda with great satisfaction, don't have a sister".
H. van der Spoel
150 "I am an only child, but, have had the unpleasantness of a step-sister thrown at me. She is whinny, arrogant, and a pain in my ass! Take her!!!".
Ellen M O'Meara
149 "My sister is pretty, young girl, but is married. Her husband is strong and evil (killer)".
Lázaro Ávila
148 "Cool software... Sorry got no sister...".
147 "...good job mate... but sorry I don't have any sister and before I have a daughter... you, ll have to introduce yours (sister) to me...".
146 "I have no sister".
145 "I'm terribly sorry, but as a specialist, who scarifices beautiful virgins, and a person without a sister, I am unable to fulfil your requirements. If a spare virgin becomes available, I will know who to send her to. :D".
144 "Well, I don't have a sister, but I do have access to lots of pics of other people's sisters. I'm planning to use your organizer program to keep track of the porn galleries I build and submit to thumbnail gallery post sites, so in that spirit, here's a link to a gallery of beautiful Nicole, who is, undoubtedly, someone or other's sister. Be warned, these pics have full nudity, so don't say I didn't warn you! :)".
143 "My sister is very angry".
N.A. Kamka
142 "Well, I'm only daughter.... so, no sister to you, but if you are the guy of the picture... here I am! Kisses...".
Rachel Leitão
141 "Sorry I have no sister to introduce, bu would like to test the calender anayway - alright - thanks".
Pierre Eklöf
140 "I am afraid I do not have a sister. If you ever come to South Africa drop me an email and I will introduce you to some lady friends. Can I still use the software in the mean time?".
Joubert, Thinus
139 "Ops! about my sister sorry I haven't got any... but i have some beatiful daughters... rsrs".
Vinicius Rocha
138 "Dear friend I realy want to introduce a sister of mine to you, But I have a serious trouble indeed, that is, I haven´t got any... so... I ask pardon for that and in the next incarnation I ´ll do it I promisse...
P.S: I 've been using your agenda and I think it very good indeed".
137 "Wow man, like I ain't got no sisters. If I did, I would now be married. Since I ain't got no sister (ie: lovebuddy) would you be willing to accept me? I can look real good in a Tu-Tu and pushup bra and with enough makeup, I can almost pass for human. I do have several sheep I am rather fond of, would you like some shaved wool pictures? They be young sheeps! (Ain't no virgins though I saw to that!) He He He".
Randall K. Majorhead
136 "I have included your software on my website, as well as on my computer. In order to fulfill my sisterware obligation, I have arranged a large package to arrive at your door soon. It took me a day to tie her up and fit her in the box. She was complaining loudly about the little styrafoam packing peanuts getting in her mouth, so don't expect her to be in a very good mood when she arrives. She is very ugly, but she can cook, as long as you read the directions on the frozen dinner package to her... slowly".
Dan Brown
PS. I have not included a return address on the package. Five minutes with her screeching voice, and you will understand why.
135 "Btw a don't have a sister, am I allowed to use your software anyway? ;-)".
134 "Im sure my sister is keeping your sister entertained in heavan, she died a few years ago of cancer, she was 50 i did not go and see her in the hospital before she died, for this I must aplogize, when I find her. great program my friend".
Commander Coal Akida
133 "I'm sorry to say that I have no sister - and if I had, she would be about sixty. But after having tried your organizer for a few days, I have grown quite fond of it, because it seems to be very practical and not too complicated, so I'll send you a picture of my granddaughter Freja instead. She is being scolded by her mother and not in the least repentant ...".
132 "Not really about my sister... I have a brother, and he is a software developer (dut he doesn't want to make programms for me). So, I am a sister :)))".
Lada Radutnaya
131 "Unfortunately my sister died three years ago (at the age of 27). But I am sure that if you ever would meet her in heaven (I hope she is there) it will be love at first sight. She truly loved people, and she had an almost overdeveloped sense of humour. I am sure she would have appreciated the sisterware concept. If you would meet her before I do, tell her to use this unforgiven organizer, as she was insanely desorganized, and this could be one of the very few organizers to help, although maybe not by much, I am afraid. But help her a bit please, she was not that good with software. If she laughs, please listen, nobody laughs the way she does. By the way, her name is Hadewych, but don't try to articulate this without help".
Peter Denaux
130 "About my sister, well, I have a brother. I am 51 and my mother 74. If you insist I will ask her if there is something to be done, and I will let you know".
Doron Klieger
129 "About my non-existant sister".
JD Wood
128 "Thanks for your program. It is friendly, useful and full of humour; so I guess I owe you something. My two sisters living too far from you (Canada), I though of sending you a shot of a very nice-looking sister".
André Gauthier
127 "My sister lives in Texas, in her 50's and very hard to get along with".
Mel McQueen
126 "This is a photo of my younger sister".
Anna Celler
125 "This is not my sister, but nevertheless, Sally is a very cute girl!".
124 "Thank you for your beautiful and Unforgivable program you developed. I feel the obligation to send you a picture of my dearest sister, who lives in France these days. It is possible to contact her. She is very curieus about you! And perhaps anxious to meet you...".
Robert Post
123 "Okay - You want my sister ? - Here she is. Use her and keep her :-))) COOOOOOLLLLLLL Program your done - Tnx".
Ivan Fræer
122 "Sorry I have no unmarried sister either and I am old enough to be your Mom".
121 "I'm sorry, I don't have a sister, but I love your program, so here's a picture of my best friend and I!".
120 "I have 4 sisters, I suppose you can have one of them".
Paul Melchior
119 "I want to congratulate you and to say that i have no sisters... But if I had one I would intruduce her to you :)".
Telmo Garcia
118 "Can i be your sister?".
117 "Irmã tenho mas tem 51 anos e acho que vc não vai querer".
116 "I have no available sister, but I know some hotties that you may like".
Bob Mullins
115 "This is a picture of my sister. Her name is Carrie she is 29 years old. My parents and I are also from Sicily, a little place called Castellammare Del Golfo. Ring any bells? So be nice and let me know what you think of her. Hey who knows, next time you come to the USA????????
PS. She is the only one in the family with flamming red hair".
Master Of The House
114 "I'm using Unforgiven Organiser and while I don't have any sisters, I do have a Sister-in-Law that I can offer up to you :)".
Robert Spencer
113 "I'm afraid my sister's married, and so is my brother. So is my best friend. So am I. Can I trade in my husband for your software?".
Ms Tamany
112 "To be honest, i would not introduce my sister to my worst enemy. It would be the end og life as you know it. But your software is so good that i decided to offer you another services.I can bring you in contact with some nice dutch girls that are working in the company or some US girls back home. Let me know what you want".
Yon Kee a.k.a DSS Bad Boy
111 "Mi hermana ya tiene marido... pero si quieres conocer mujeres hermosas, te recomiendo una visita a España!".
Miguel Furlock
110 "Infelizmente, não tenho uma irmã. Tenho duas !!! Porém o deslocamento fica por sua conta. Não sei por que, mas elas acharam você bonito. Aguardo o soft. Tchau...".
Setor de Informatica - Paradise Resort Hotel
109 "I am from Poland. Thank You for your software - Unforgiven Organiser. I don't have a sister ;-)))".
108 "Here goes the information you wanted about my sister: She is 39 years younger than me (she is 26), married, two childrens, and lives in the state of Bahia - in Brazil around 3.000 km way from were I live. Hope this will help you to enlarge your sister's data bank".
Igor Catunda
107 "Sorry I don´t have a sister, only 2 brothers... but I will recommend using your organizer to all of my female friends...".
106 "My sister is a Nun. Does that count?".
Peter Barnes
105 "This is fucking hilarious! Your organiser looks fabulous and works even better, but I am 61 years old and you most certainly don't want to meet my sister!! But if you insist...".
Hank Mulligan
104 "I have a very nice sister, she is 19 years old, the only problem is than she does not speak englis, nor italian, besides she does not know about it".
103 "I have the moral obligation to introduce my sister to you, and to free my soul from this moral obligation i herewith introduce my sister in mind Marika Roekk to you! i also attach an image of her so that you may get an impression of her ;)".
Claudia Zeisel
102 "I´m sorry not to send you a picture of my sister, but I appreciate your sense of humour and, of course, your lovely program".
Paulo Sobral
101 "Fun, useful software. You're brilliant, generous and way too cool! Many kisses for you! I don't have a sister and I'm a bit old for you -- besides I'd like YOUR sister better -- but you can have a look at my friend Sterling's Web site, which covers the local scene in Tampa Bay, Florida, and see lots of other people's sisters, some of whom are quite fetching. You might also like our friend Ed's photography page. But you can only look. These are very nice girls from a local convent school".
100 "I love your program and if I had a sister... I'd definitely introduce the two of you".
Suzanne Becker
99 "I give u my mom for this app:)".
Jens Tuvebrink
98 "I don't have a sister but I thought I'd drop you a line anyway. I just installed Unforgiven & I'm very inpressed with the packaging, now let's see how well it work's. lmao By the way, nice pic... if I wasn't attached I'd be introducing you to me".
97 "I'm in the process of d'loading Unforgiven. Both my sisters are married, but I am not. Does this mean I can't install the program??? You can still meet my sisters if you want, but I should warn you, their husbands are MEAN, nasty and vengeful, spiteful li'l guys. Come to think of it, so are my sisters. Oh No!!! ...and so am I ...I just realized that now ...what a shock! Up until I wrote this, I always thought I was a pretty decent person, but talking to you has made me see what a real SCHMUCK I am. Well, thanks for ruining my whole day, if not my whole LIFE!!! (thanx for the program)".
96 "A mi hermana le dicen "manimal", pues se toma un trago y se convierte en una perra".
95 "Sorry but a have not a sister, only a brother. But I apreciate your organizer. Thank you for your work".
Corneliu Rotaru
94 "I dowloaded your software. Neet! I don't have a sister, but I will look for someone else's sister and send her to you! Can't guarantee your satisfaction though..
Alejandro Rodriguez
93 "My Sister will be pleased to meet you when you are next in melbourne or when she is next in Sicily. She is a doctor and very nice. I will tell her about this when you let me know of your arrival time".
92 "I am using your program/organizer. I'm 47 , my two sisters are 55 and 57, both married. The older lives in Portugal, the other one here in Brazil. Are you interested?".
Paulo Krieser
91 "A couple of weeks ago I had the great fortune to download your Unforgiven Organizer, and although my Husband and I have not used it yet as I have been so busy unwinding from a busy semester at school, I realize that your policy is to have users agree to send a photo or introduce you to their sister, however unfortunately we are unable to do so due to lack of sisters to send to you. I will be devastated if you tell me that I will now be unable to use our Organizer... how else will I ever become organized Carmelo. I have been looking for a decent organizer for my computer for ages, and now that I finally came across the best that I have ever seen, I feel that this privilege might be taken away from me. So I was wondering instead of sending you a sister's photo which we do not have, I can send you here below a very interesting photo which may make up for it instead. After printing out copies of this photo of this unusual looking woman and pasting them all over your home for your friends to see the new secret that you have discovered that will shock the world, please let me know if I can use your organizer anyway as I think it is just wonderful! Pleeeeeeease! I just can't wait to finally get organized. My life will change for the better thanks to your genius software. God Bless!".
Patricia Watts
90 "I don't have any sisters, but you can have my ex-girlfriend, as she became a crackhead. If crack is cheap and abundant there, I'll send her in a box third class ;D".
89 "Sorry, I don't have a sister :-(, but program is great".
Roman Mazur
88 "I'm sorry, but my sister is so old you wouldn't like her. I have a very pretty girlfriend, but I wouldn´t share this one :o)".
Alejandro Amelivia García
87 "My sister is old and from Brooklyn, N.Y. but I have a picture of my daughter on my resume website. Thanks again for the great sisterware... better for you if you made it womanware... there are a lot of beautiful females out there who don't have brothers to introduce you to them... who knows, someone might even have a gorgeous wife they'd like to trade for great software, maybe you should try wifeware...".
Elliot Borin
86 "I would love to send you my sister, but she looks a bit like a dog, which has been hit by a bus, backwards!".
85 "Dear Friend, my sister live in Brazil, and is very old. Sorry".

"Will download your software the moment it becomes wifeware".
Dan van Aalst

83 "Unfortunately I have no sister for you. But, I think, you can have my girlfriend if she doesn't want me anymore. :-)".
Gary Heng
82 "If you come to Bulgaria I will introduce my sister to you. But if you don't like her you would have chance to meet many other beautiful women here".
81 "Sorry, I dont have any sisters, or brothers for that matter. I do not have any female relatives with computer, but I will send the prog to a "sister" at the internet ..jajajaja...".
Oslo, Norway
80 "Dear friend, I am sorry to say that, but I haven´t got a sister, but if I had one I think I would introduce her to a guy so smart as you are".
79 "Well, I have 3 blond and wonderful sisters. If u prefer something different i have brothers too, but i think they would't apreciatte u. Good Program".
(note: Cause the link appears don't works, Riamais has sent to me another e-mail with 2 photos. First: He between his brothers, his sister and her son beside. Second: He and his sister. He has another sister but no picture)
78 "My sister is older than I. I'm 50 years old".
77 "About my sister: I am afraid she is off the market".
76 "5' 7" tall, blonde hair, green eyes, 120 lbs, single - never married, likes being on her back or in sitting positions. Loves spaghetti Bolognese con funghi, pizza margherita and spaghetti alla carbonara. Available now! Oh, I forgot one other thing. She's 73. And has Alzheimer's".
Dick Zeisler
75 "Well I have two and you can have your pick - but they both come with excess baggage (children, dogs, ex-husbands, lawyers, and the psychocat from hell) and you have to take the baggage too ;-)".
74 "Sorry, I don't have a sister... but I will recommend using your organizer to all of my female friends".
73 "Thank you very much for your great software... unfortunately I've got *no* sisters, only a brother... if you want I can send him to you...!!".
Angelo Dagrada
72 "Please take my sister to your country".
David Santos
71 "Belive-me you won't meet her! She was nurse in the Jericó Battle!!".
Paulo Mattos
70 "Carmelo, let me know if you would really like to get in touch with my sister. She is 60 years old, disabled due to ovarian cancer and schizophrenia, but still pretty good looking for her age".
Vladas Mazelis
69 "You really don't want to know my sister! Believe me!".
Leon Kok
68 "My sis died 20 years ago. Would ya please take, oops, I mean, would ya like to have my brother's girlfriend?? No guarantees and no returning!! :o".
67 "My sister is a whore! If you like cheap prostitutes, she's perfect for you...".
66 "Sorry, my sisters are married. Good for you...".
Profesor Hijau
65 "Apresento minha irmã... espere um pouco que ela está fazendo a barba".
64 "I do not have sisters, but I'll promise to ask my parents, who are now in their eighties, to fabricate one just for your collection of sisters".
Arnaldo Carqueijo
63 "First is first. I do have one sister. She is very nice, married, 44 and has three children. By sure you would have loved her 20 years ago. Sorry my friend, you are late! (and you are too early for my two doughters: 5 and 11)".
Tomás Muzzio
62 "A minha irmã é mais simples de tratar".
Luís Mendonça
61 "Sorry... my sister is married. But, don't have you a nice sister for me?".
Victor Leitão
60 "I don't even have it downloaded yet, but your site set-up, the "sister board", and all, are great. I'm sure these things reflect your attitude and general out-look on life. After (or before) your next nervous breakdown please feel free to drop me a line, well "chat". You on my couch, without a sister (I'm sorry)".
Dale B. - Mental Health & Recovery Service Board (Quality Improvement Committee) U.S.A.
59 "I have 5 Sisters and I wanted to be an only Child".
Franka Kelly
58 "Unfortunately both my older sisters are married so I don't introduce them to you".
Maarten Boer
57 "Eu tenho 3 irmães, mas gostava de ter mais esta que se chama Sisterware".
António Câmara
56 "Sorry, I don´t have sisters".
55 "My sister is very beautiful. Please email her".
Joao Valente
54 "Not sure you want to meet my sister, she's 43 years old and not very nice".
Valerie Fahel-Schaffer
53 "I work for a Spanish software download website, called, I just wanted to let you know that we have included your Unforgiven Organizer in our software catalogue. That means you may get some hundreds of "sisters" from Spain.... ;o)".
Elena Santos
52 "She is steady losing weight, down to about 140 and thinning fast. If she doesn't slow down she may fall through her own butt and hang herself! Will send pic but need help, keep getting general error message 3, "please check target directory" using w-xp pro, did not see answer in FAQ and no readme file, have cousins, will negotiate".
Mike Sweeney
51 "A minha sister tem mais que fazer".
Raul Santos
50 "Hehehhehe... i have not pretty sis, but i´m pretty... (just kidding...)".
49 "I am sorry I don't have a sister".
Arthur Chan
48 "Tenho 2 irmãs de quem gosto muito. A Marília e a Benilde".
47 "No Sis, No Fun, No Good, but great program".
46 "What would you say? About sisters only after knowing how to use the Unforgiven Organizer. (For sure a black mail)".
Jose Almeoni
45 "Sorry, don't have a sister for you to have!".
Tony Hedley
44 "I truly think that you shouldn't bother... but if you insist, I'll see what I can do. She is divorced with 2 kids, one is 20 and the little one is 7".
43 "I will introduce you to my sister, but she is a bit of a luddite, no email address, doesn't empty her voicemail, and refuses to allow me in her house. I know that mags and newspapers are stacked to ceiling. She is a packrat. My older sister, much nicer, died at fifty, ten years ago. I have four exwives who are pretty. Will they do?".
Thomas Elias Weatherly
42 "I will give you my sister. But you will have to pay the gift".
Carlos Henrique de Morais
(note: I have had to send him one postcard of Sicily to get the photo of his sister Adriane).
41 "Unfortunately I only have one... and she's not single right now! Blast!!! Further I don't think that she would accept to the pay for her older sister, but please accept my infinite thanks. Should I ever make millions with my company, I'll tell the whole world that our success is due to the contribution of the Unforgiven Organizer!!! Stay rude & rebel!".
Dominique Cardinaux
40 "Well she's a grump, ou probably don't want to know her".
Tim Barnett
39 "If I HAD a sister, I am certain I would introduce her to you".
38 "Hr hr, i don't have a sister. but my brother has long hair, promise me to look at his back all the time and i'll introduce you".
37 "To be true I'm the only child but here's the picture of my sister in law Ewa. She's single & speaks Italian & English + Polish, she's 25 and has just received her Master Degree".
(note: This girl has inserted in her message her sister's e-mail, so I wrote quickly to Ewa. But, sadly... Malwa didn't tell to Ewa anything about her letter to me!).
36 "Your software is very good, but my sister is very ugly...".
35 "Sorry no sister, but I enjoy using your program".
34 "Minha sister é a da esquerda. Linda não?".
33 "I'll see what i can do about exporting my sister to you!".
Vic Lutsky
32 "Sorry, no sister, no wife, but many nice girls from Arts Academy :)".
Goetz von Berlihingen
31 "I don't have sister, but if you want my brother I'll introduce for you!".
Rafael Rief Nepomuceno
30 "Sorry, you are late. My sister is married. But don't cry, she is very ugly!".
29 "If I had known before that your program exists, I would not have had to sell my two sisters for M$-outlook. Sorry".
Roman Römisch
28 "Why have my sister when you can have me!! :OP".
27 "My sister is linda, gata... libera ai".
26 "Apresentolhe-me minha brasileirissima irmã Danielly ela está lhe mandando muitos quentes beijos".
25 "I don't have sister... buy i can take one anywhere to support your soft!!! jajajajajajajaja!!! Felicitaciones por el programa y por el tipo de "ware". Un abrazo fuerte desde Argentina".
Sergio Machuca
24 "Please find enclosed a picture of one of my sisters: if you want the phone number, please design a phoneware that performs the tasks automatically".
23 "Hey guy, Whats up with you? I don't have any sister, do you? Ok, I admit it, your program is good enough and cute. Thanks for it... mailes are welcome, I'm not sistermail".
Rubén Toledo Rosado
22 "I have two of them, but they are both in their 50's and one is married. I have a daughter, but she is married also, however I will let you know should she become available. :-)".
21 "Dont have sisters, but 3 daughters, all blonde".
Vicki Kalms
20 "I don't have a sister, but do you mind to be introduced to some of my collegues instead".
19 "Sorry no sisters but get you an used electric wheelchair (mine)".
Graham Fisher
18 "You DO NOT want to know my sister".
Jan Koster
17 "You haven't seen MY sister!".
16 "Oh, if you like, you can have my brother, but I am the only sister *laughs*".
15 "I do have lovely sister, however I don't think her husband would be too pleased if I passed her across in your sisterware scheme. :) I do love your originality though!!".
14 "I have 3 and you are welcome to have them all but I definately got the better deal with your program. Thanx!!".
13 "I'm sorry, I've no sister, and my daughter is only 2 year's old...!  But if you come to Costa Rica one day, you'll meet a thousand of nice sisters!".
12 "What about your sister?".
Edison G. Pérez Bórquez
11 "I LOVE your program. Beautiful interface, easy to use, just a BRAVO program! But too bad I don't have a sister".
Michael Kong
10 "I downloaded your product a month ago and I think its pretty terrific, especially for sisterware!".
Jeffrey Bennett
8 "Sorry, we do not support "Sisterware" and nor do we support unnecessary foul language within the program. Do your parents now about this?".
(note: This is the answer of WebAttack to the demand for inclusion of Unforgiven Organizer among their softwares)
7 "You may have liked her 20 years ago when she was a student. She lived in Italy for a while and also in France. She now teaches Italian and French languages in England. Sadly I have to tell you she is now 46 years old and well past her best. With her looks she should have been born with a good personality, but she wasn't, and with her persoanlity she needed good looks to make up for it, but she didn't get them. I heard a saying once.  Be careful what you wish for and believe me, not all sisters are worth wishing for. I am doing you a favour not letting you know who she is."
6 "Sorry, I don't have a sister".
David R. Piotto
Enrique Ruelas
4 "I do have a sister, but shes like 34 yrs old and married :-/".
3 "Trust me... You don't want to meet my sister...".
Dorian Stanley
2 "I love the program. It's great and you can have my sister anytime".
Kyle Bucklen
1 "Dear friend your soft is great but my sister are very old and... for you it is not a god deal for you. I am sure of that".