What is it?

Unforgiven Organizer is a funny (but solid!) powerful organizer with an eye catching interface. It lets you to manage yearly, monthly, weekly and daily tasks based on their frequency of occurrence. It also features a Contacts Manager that links with e-mail client, Internet browser and Windows telephony. The integrated Block-Notes is text editor and note organizer at same time. One basic To-Do List complete the opera.

You can (MUST!) freely diffuse and use this program only if credits is given, and the sisterware scheme is satisfied sending me informations, photos or lingerie of your lovely sister! ;-)

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  • Today: this section is used to build an automatic daily plan based on the One Shot (Daily), Yearly, Monthly, and Weekly entries

  • Contacts: this section is used to keep track of your contacts. In this section, you have the ability to create groups for your contacts

  • Notes: this section is used to keep track of personal notes

  • To Do: this section is used to enter or edit a To-Do list. Items can be given priorities and then checked off when completed

  • Additional theme

  • Additional theme

About your sister...

I have already told you that Unforgiven Organizer is SISTERWARE? Who uses it has a moral obligation to introduce his sister!


Special features!

The basic functions are FREE and do not expire, but you can have much more: just a small donation to activate superpowers kept in the special menu!

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Doubts? Questions? Perplexity?

Do You want to know how to centralize data between multiple PCs? Or what if your sister is getting married? Study the FAQ!


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