Love the sisterware even when you're not at the PC!


Keep note on the fly!

Kipen is a minimalist (but powerful!) app for taking notes with zero distractions.

Key features:

  • 3 stylish themes: White, Black and Gold
  • Search by Title and Text
  • Classification of the notes with Colors and Labels
  • List of notes alphabetically or by date of Creation / Update
  • Automatic synchronization of notes between all your devices
  • Creation of a file for the Backup / Restore Data
  • Security PIN code
  • Customizable Font Size

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A mesh for your memories!

Memesh is not just a diary, but a real safety net for your memories! Grows and takes shape as you memorize what you did, and then allows you to set filters to display only the history of the core activities of your life, like when you have practiced extreme sports... or whenever you went by hairdresser!

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Color schemes collector

Colkit allows you to create, collect and quickly search for color schemes. The search can be by name or tag.

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The notepad with the "balls"!

Lampage is a fantastic mix between a notepad and a list, very easy and pleasant to use. It's characterized by very clear interface, customizable through fine graphic themes and... balls. The balls can be colored, contain icons and be used as checkmarks to highlight the most important or undone notes. Lampage also allows you to assign tags to the notes and use them as "folders" to group your notes.

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English Anagrams Edition

UnderWord is able to generate anagrams of one or more words.

With UnderWord is fun discovering which words are hidden behind a name, or write coded messages like a secret agent.

Thanks to its impressive speed UnderWord will also be your secret weapon in word games... in short, its limit is your imagination!

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Notes & ToDo in a Flash!

Flasheet is a notepad quick and extremely pleasant to use.

You will find your notes easily with the ability to mark the notes with an icon as well as the ability to search by title, content and tags.

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Store and categorize your inspirations

Writem is an original app to store and categorize your inspirations about "items" to use when you write a story or book.

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Magic Oculus

Hocus Pocus!

Sophisticated systems for the analysis of eye movements are now so incredibly accurate in tracking to seem "magical."

Do not believe this?

Then try to challenge the Powerful Magic Oculus sensor!

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