1 What if the only sisters I have are married?
2 Dont have sisters, but 3 daughters, all blonde?
  In this particular case you don't need to indroduce your sister to use my soft... you must adopt me!!
3 How to share archives?
  Unforgiven Organizer isn't a client-server software... but is very flexible!

1) Install Unforgiven Organizer on all computers.
2) Create a folder on server.
3) Run Unforgiven Organizer site on the server, go to option's section (default color is orange) and on box "Archives" click "Use", select the folder site on the server. Restart the program.
4) From Unforgiven Organizer site on the server insert a trial task or contact.
5) Follow the step "3" on every client. After rebooting you can see the trial task or contact.

note: To syncronize archives with your collegue's entries click frequently "Refresh all" button.
4 How to enter the time of an event (Daily, Yearly, Monthly or Weekly) ?
  After clicking on "Insert button", you can enter the time in the box under the label "From".
5 How do I have the program advise me when the event is due?
  In the option's section (default color is orange) check the option "Time Alarm".
6 Is there a way to have it always running in the system tray?
  In the option's section check the options "Auto Start" (to start program with Windows) and "Show Minimized" (to place it in tray on start-up).
7 When I choose "torment me every day" can I programe it to finish after a period of time?
No, the organizer will torment you until you don't disable this function!
8 How can I do a backup of my dates?
Go to the option's section and choose the option "Export to...". The organizer asks you where backup the program's archives.

note: "Export to..." and "Import from.." options from v.25 bis are renamed "Backup" and "Restore".
9 How can I get the organizer pop-up at right time?
Check the options "Time alarm" (to enable time checking) and "Show organizer" (to pop-up) in the option's section.
10 Which is an optimal configuration?
If you use fequently the soft and have a good computer, you can use this sets:

1) Select "Autostart";
2) Select "Start minimized";
3) Select "Time Alarm";
4) Select "Sound Alarm";
5) UnSelect "Show spashscreen".
11 I have your software on home and work PCs. Can I send files to either destination, and update the current settings?
You can export archive from one Unforgiven(work) through the option "Export to..." and import in another Unforgiven(home) through the option "Import from..".

This operation overwrite the archives of the Unforgiven(home) with archives of Unforgiven(work).

If you want only switch from an archive to another use the option "Use" in Unforgiven(home) and choose the folder that you have exported form Unforgiven(work). In this case Unforgiven don't replace anchive. To back to Unforgiven(home) archive use the option "Auto".

note: "Export to..." and "Import from.." options from v.25 bis are renamed "Backup" and "Restore".
12 Is there a way to print any of the list or export them to a word processor?
Yes. Every section have a specific print button that build a print preview form that you can print. You can also export to Comma Separated Value (CSV) files that you can open, modify and print with programs like Microsoft Excel.
13 Is there some way to add a recurring function that is the same day of the month every month?
Yes, if you enter one new Monthly task from the "Tasks section" or from the "Monthly section", for example for the day 20 of the month with description "Apartment's rent", Unforgiven every 20 of the month remember you to pay the rent of your apartment!

note: In the "Insert monthly task form" when you show the calendar and choose a day, Unforgiven got only the number of the day, independently of the month.
14 Is there any way to alter the 'group' drop down menu list to remove groups that aren`t wanted?
  - To insert a new contact group, you must write the new group name in the group combobox over the contact list and push the button "+".
- To remove a group, you must select it in the list of the combobox and push the "-" button.